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Welcome to Coleman World

In the realm beyond your imagination, beyond your wildest dream lies a place in deep space. Hidden away from all that is right and sane, silently waiting for its newest victim. The moment your ship exits hyperspace you can feel something is not right. Your comlinks are down and only quiet static comes out. Despite your desperate efforts to fly away the ship continues in its direction, ignoring all of your attempts to control it. You are looking out of your windows trying to search for some clues, but the is nothing but empty void. No stars, no lights, no hope. "Twinkle, twinkle little star..."  A cold chill goes down your spine as you see it. First only briefly just long enough to realise there is something out there, almost invisible in the deep obsidian of the space. Its a space station...


Your ship continues to approach the station is slow and steady speed. The station doesn't give out any signature, and your scanning attempts fail. The fact it has no light doesn't help either, only the windows seems to lighted from inside. You sit in the cockpit of your ship silently watching the station getting closer and closer. Is this end of the road or another beginning? "Your questions will be answered soon enough." the voice disappears as suddenly as it appeared. Its too late for prayers your ships is docked to the station and you, for reason unknown, are entering the ColemanWorld.


 Almost half naked girl with slightly tanned skin greats you; "Welcome to Coleman World." She takes your ticket and walks you to your room. What will happen next lies in mystery... (to be continued) 

by Lilith Kaine ("How I see Coleman World")